About Us



ZY Partners is a boutique law firm in China with 19 years of expertise in Intellectual Property and related areas, such as licensing, anti-trust, employment and arbitration. The key partners of our firm have excellent credentials and are well-recognized for delivering top quality service to our clients. The firm now has a team of over 50 experienced lawyers, patent attorneys and other legal professionals representing multinational clients in cross border transactional and contentious matters. Our lawyers are licensed to practice laws in China and have extensive experience in conducting litigations in all jurisdictions at all levels of the courts in China. Most of our lawyers are fluent in English.

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​ZY Partners has a prominent IP litigation practice as a result of the remarkable track record of our lawyers over the past decades.

We have a strong patent prosecution team with experienced lawyers and patent attorneys specialized in electronics, telecom, semiconductor, IT, mechanical engineering, solar/nuclear energies, bio-tech, pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering.

Thirteen of our talents have technical background in a diversity of technical areas, and 7 of them are double-qualified attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys.

Our attorneys frequently work with multinational companies and law firms in US and Europe on antitrust filings with the PRC Ministry of Commerce.

Our attorneys are frequently asked to advice on cross-border licensing in the areas of telecommunication and electronics.

ZY Partners’ team includes very experienced lawyers in the area of employment/labor disputes. In particular, our attorneys with regulatory administrative background in government authorities provide valuable insight in forming strategic plans to protect clients’ interests in China.