Established in 1998, ZY Partners is recognized as one of the leading firms in the field of intellectual property and areas within its immediate reticular formation such as anti-trust, fair-competition, employment, standards, investment, product liability and administrative law. 

Given the fact that 99% of the legal authorities governing nowadays’ social and economic life came into being way after most of the partners of the firm went into practice, ZY Partners is “pre-historical” in many cases representing the formative stages of many IP laws and court practices.

Early cases represented by the firm were cited as legislation initiatives and replied upon in forming judicial opinions by the courts.


  • Lawyers of ZY Partners successfully represented the first case for enforcing Walt Disney’s copyright against a state-owned publishing house in Beijing by applying the 1992 Sino-US Memorandum of Understanding on Intellectual Property.

  • ZY Partners successfully enforced copyrights of ETS concerning TOEFL, GRE and GMAT against New Oriental training entities.


  • In 2000, ZY Partners successfully defended a prominent mobile phone manufacturer in the first case brought by domestic patentee against multinational telecom company for patent infringement in a Chinese court.

  • In 2001, ZY Partner represented the first CPU patent case in a Chinese court against a Taiwan based CPU maker.

  • In 2003, ZY Partners won the first two preliminary injunction rulings for one of its pharmaceutical clients against a domestic pharm company based on a pharmaceutical process patent.


  • In 1992, lawyers of ZY Partners won the first retrial case in the Supreme People’s Court under the then Rules of Civil Procedure (on trial basis) and overruled an appellate decision made by the High Court of the Jiangsu Province, thus solidified principles of risk allocation in cooperative research and development activities.


  • In 2003, ZY Partners successfully advocated client’s due process right through retrial proceedings in the Supreme People’s Court to set aside a substantive decision made by the High Court of the Jiangsu Province based on opponent’s trade secret evidence admitted and recognized in absence of cross-examination for protection of evidence involving trade secret.


  • In the Saridon case first started in administrative proceedings in 2001, the Supreme People’s Court endorsed ZY’s argument that the distinctive characters of trademark should be evaluated by the actual use of the mark, rather than by regulatory body’s administrative conduct that documented the mark as a generic name of a drug.

At ZY Partners, we like to regard ourselves as an established firm with creative ideas.  Though the track record of the firm is cherished as traditional assets representing our unparalleled expertise in intellectual property, anti-trust, business, compliance and litigation, the dedication and practical solutions are the source of our clients’ satisfaction for our legal service. 

Big data reveals that in the immediate past three years, ZY Partners stands top 5 in the country in intellectual property in terms of the number of cases decided or ruled by courts of various jurisdictions in mainland China.  Measured by the number of the cases per lawyer, our elite team of lawyers handles more cases at higher frequencies. 

In the period of 2014 to 2017, the Supreme Court case publication website published more than 600 intellectual property cases represented by our firm.  Quite a few of those cases have been listed by the Supreme or lower level courts as guiding cases.