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ZHOU Qiang
Partner, Attorney at Law

Practice Areas:

Litigation & Arbitration, Corporate & Commercial Affairs, Foreign Investment, Intellectual Property, Employment

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Mr. Zhou has a diverse background working in the fields of law. He has worked as a law clerk and an associate judge for the Chinese Supreme Court from 1982 to 1991. This very unique professional experience was instrumental in laying a solid foundation for Mr. Zhou’s successful legal career.  

In his extensive practice of law, Mr. Zhou has had substantial experience in representing Chinese and foreign clients before Chinese courts, domestic and international arbitration institutes, including the Chinese International Economics and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), Beijing Arbitration Committee, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), British Arbitration Tribunals and several others. Besides litigation and arbitration, Mr. Zhou has a wealth of experience in representing Chinese companies as well as foreign companies, in solving their disputes through negotiations and mediation.

Mr. Zhou has filled the position of legal expert in IP related legal matters, specializing in copyright, trade secret and the application of international IP systems in China under the WTO and TRIPS rules. Mr. Zhou has successfully handled numerous important and high profile international lawsuits concerning IP related cases. Due to the success in representing these clients, the firm has earned an outstanding reputation in the practice of law and IP related matters. The professional experience in these cases has established a firm basis for the future development of ZY.    

Mr. Zhou has also provided legal services to Chinese and foreign companies on a wide range of financial activities, including facilitating bank loans from foreign banks, advising initiations on public offerings, mergers and acquisitions as well as the transaction of stocks, and drafting key documents for international business transactions.

Mr. Zhou has degrees from Jilin University’s Department of Law, where he graduated in 1982 with a LL.B as well as from the University of Iowa’s College of Law in 1995 where he earned his LL.M.  In addition to his education, Mr. Zhou has also engaged in legal teaching and research at various educational institutes, such as Law Faculty, Queen’s University in Canada, the Center for Chinese Legal Study at School of Law and Columbia University in the USA. Currently, Mr. Zhou is still very active in the academic legal circle of China.